We’re Shakin’

The only thing better than ice cream, is when you can drink it with a straw!
Our flavor selection has the traditionalists covered as well as exotic and specialty offerings!
We only use real ingredients, so you get the best flavor!

Cold Coffee Shake

A creamy, caffeinated blend of Coffee, Milk and crushed ice are blended to the perfect pick me up flavor that you’ll love!

Vanilla Shake

For the purists. Rich, creamy Vanilla ice cream in a cup!

Pistachio Shake

The refreshing, nutty blend of Pistachio ice cream, milk and ice

Cookie N Crème Shake

The irresistible flavor combination favorite of generations!

Cashew Fig Shake

A scrumptiously sweet concoction that is destined to be a favorite for those who like things sweet, but not too sweet.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Shake

Try Cookies and milk in a whole new way!

Brownie Shake

Oh yes, we’ve got the brownies too! Rich, chocolate brownies blended with (Vanilla or chocolate?) Ice Cream.

Almond Shake (Aka Badam Khoya)

The yummy, mild flavor of Almonds and a sweet vanilla ice cream are combined for a satisfying shake you’ll want to experience time and time again.

Nutella Strawberry Shake

An experience like no other! Sweet strawberry ice cream meet with Nutella chocolate milk for a heavenly flavor combination!

Nutella Banana Shake

The Original ultimate combo! Sweet, ripe, bananas and Nutella chocolate milk. We think it’s better than its well-known crepe cousin. Plus, you can drive while enjoying it this way…..win-win!

Nutella Shake

It’s your favorite Chocolatey hazelnut overload drink!

Chocolate Shake

Chocolate Ice Cream, blended with Chocolate milk and chocolate syrup, guaranteed to please your chocolate craving!

Date Shake

Naturally sweet dates are blended with vanilla ice cream for a confectionery delight!

Rose Shake

Want to test the boundaries before jumping into the Falooda? This is your perfect chance! The delicious, delicately blended rose syrup is mixed with vanilla ice cream for a guaranteed satisfaction for your sweet tooth!

Ice Cream Soda Shake

Our East Asian cream soda blended with rich creamy vanilla ice cream for a refreshingly sweet treat! Yes, it’s green. Yes, it’s normal. No, it’s not us, it’s the soda!

Sweet Cream Shake (Aka Malai Shake)

A rich cheesecake flavor without the crust! This shaken version of a Bangladeshi delight will easily climb your “top craves” list!

Chikoo Shake (Sapodilla)

We’ve taken one of the yummiest Asian and Latin Plums and blended it with rich milk to give you a tantalizing exotic treat!

Banana Shake

An explosion of bananas, vanilla ice cream and milk. Your favorite, made better!

Candy Delight

A blast of your favorite chocolate candies are shaken up with our vanilla ice cream and blended just the way we like it!

Bounty Shake

Creamy chocolate covered coconut and almond candy bars are blended with ice cream, milk and ice, for an island escape in a cup!