Fantastic Faloodas!

Falooda: Fá Löö Dá (noun) A drink you can really sink your teeth into! A confectionary masterpiece of real ice cream, sweet cream, plump basil seeds and delicate strands of Asian noodles layered beautifully for a mouthwatering dessert! Available in a variety of flavors, only at Alpha Juice. Pairs great with: The hottest day of the year. It will revive your will to live. It’s that good.

Rose Falooda

Aka “The Original” The Rose falooda consists of the basic ingredients, of real ice cream, sweet cream, plump basil seeds and delicate strands of Asian noodles combined with a spectacularly aromatic rose syrup, jelly cubes, fresh fruit and topped with chopped mixed nuts (seriously- you gotta try it! It’s the bee’s knees).

Sweet Cream Falooda

This version also features the original rose syrup, but is made even better by using the sweetest and creamiest part of the milk that is developed after hours of slow simmering. This specialty drink, also known as Lahoori Falooda, uses the same delicious cream that we use to make our creamy and delectable kulfi desserts. Blended perfectly with our plump and juicy basil seeds, Asian noodles and topped with chopped nuts, it satisfies every level of craving.

Cream Soda Falooda

Don’t be alarmed, our traditional cream soda is green in color! Great for Leprechauns and regular Joe’s (or Juan’s or Jamal’s) alike! This Ice cream float variety with the smooth, delicious flavor of cream soda is always a hit! We go to the max with cream soda milk, cream soda ice cream, clear Asian noodles, chopped nuts, jelly cubes and our plump, juicy basil seeds.

Chocolate Falooda

It’s the ultimate fusion of two classics! The Original Falooda and Rich, creamy chocolate! Chocolate Ice cream, chocolate syrup, chocolate milk with jelly cubes and vermicelli for added texture, and a sprinkling of fresh fruit to keep it balanced. This will almost certainly turn any bad day into something a little brighter!

Alpha Signature Falooda

The ultimate Falooda. So rich it should have its own reality show! This incredible blend of the sweet, rich kulfi based milk, delicate Asian noodles, layered with cubes of refreshing jelly, crushed nuts, juicy and plump basil seeds are combined with sweet cream ice cream, rose ice cream and kulfi ice cream for the ultimate sweet tooth craving.

Dry Fruit Falooda

The same combination as the original, except the fresh fruits have been swapped out for their Mediterranean cousins, dried fruits!

Strawberry Nutella Falooda

Try this craving-satisfying twist to our traditional dessert! Strawberry ice cream, Nutella milk, and all the good stuff, goes into making this an unforgettable treat!

Banana Strawberry Falooda

Banana’s, Strawberries, and all of your favorite Falooda ingredients are layered together to give you the classic flavors you love, with a twist!

Mango Delight

Mango ice cream, Mango Milk, pieces of yummy fruit, jelly cubes, and everything else that goes into the falooda is sure to delight anyone!